Emotional balancing

These sessions are specifically designed for those going through tough times; struggling with anxiety & depression, experiencing a breakdown, grief or bearing the weight of PTSD…

In contrast to talking therapies, which can sometimes bring forth uncomfortable emotions, this form of reflexology addresses trauma via the neural networks.  By combining my unique energy reflexology approach & neuroscience, I gently work with the emotional processing centre of the brain – the Limbic brain, which releases and balances stress responses and trauma.  As mentioned, my approach offers an alternative to talking therapies, and my sessions provide an empathetic, safe & comfortable setting.  All you need to do is lie there and relax, enjoying the comfort of a peaceful and supportive session.

During my 9 years of practising reflexology, I have come to understand the powerful effect it can have on the processing of emotions, past traumas, and current emotional distress.  I have also noticed how quickly results can be achieved with regular sessions.  My ability to support those going through emotional difficulties is a particular passion, having gone through difficult times myself and come out the other side with so much hope and and an infectious desire to see others do the same. So I now feel able to bring together all my areas of expertise and offer a tailored package to those in need.

Very often there is emotional trauma behind physical symptoms and current science backs up the links between the mind and the body.