Stress and it’s real impact on us.


We hear about “stress” all the time.  The word has become so commonplace in our lives, that it has become a natural part of our lives – almost an inevitability.  Some studies have found that stress can actually have a positive effect on us.  But in general, our physiological processes can start to suffer when we are under prolonged spells of stress.  It is this which causes us to experience all sorts of physical and emotional side effects.

But what IS stress?  The definition is this: “a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances”.  But that mental or emotional strain can originate from so many areas including physical pain.   So here are a few facts about what stress is actually doing to you from a physiological viewpoint:

Stress can lead to insomnia and sleep disorders due to the body heightening it’s response system.

Stress releases corticosteroids which lower the effectiveness of the immune system. On a long term basis the elevated steroids suppress other hormones and cause chronic inflammation which promotes disease.

Stress can cause chest pain, and can alter blood sugar levels causing fatigue and mood changes.

Stress reduces blood supply to “non essential organs” such as the stomach and intestines, in order to maintain it’s fight or flight response.  This means less nutrients and oxygen are absorbed causing imbalances in metabolism.

Stress makes us physiologically ready for an emergency.

Reflexology rebalances the endocrine system (the hormones), which include the adrenal glands.  These glands are usually over worked in stressed people, causing Adrenal Fatigue and reflexology regulates this hormone output as well as rebalancing the other important systems which work alongside it.

For more information about Adrenal Fatigue visit which gives plenty of information and additional lifestyle advice, including a fascinating article on the adrenal glands.

So…having regular sessions of reflexology can begin to change how your body responds to stress, and in doing so, can alter your body’s physiological response.  You might well begin to notice that you don’t suffer from winter illness, that your recovery after exercise is faster, your aches and pains diminish, and you have more energy as well as sleeping better.   So, next time you feel stressed, overloaded, or fit to burst…take time out and book a session, you might be quite surprised!

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