What qualifications and training have you received?

I qualified in 2014 completing an ITEC level 3 Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology for Complementary Therapies prior to a 9 month period of study to obtain my ABC Level 3 Diploma in Reflexology.   Accreditation by the ABC and ITEC ensures the highest standards of excellence and professionalism in courses of this nature.  I am also a full member of the AoR (Association of Reflexologists); this means I can put MAR (Member of the Association of Reflexologists) after my name.  In accordance with the AoR principles I must abide by the highest possible standards of professional conduct and as such have adopted a Code of Practice and Ethics.  I must undertake to expand my knowledge and skills with CPD (continuing professional development) to broaden my experience and knowledge.  I am also fully insured through the Alan Boswell Group.

I have attended courses in the following advanced reflexology techniques: hormone balancing, reflexology lymphatic drainage, linking technique, and Cancer care.  I use a variation of the techniques to enhance each session according to my clients needs.  I have also completed NCFE Level 2 certificate in Understanding Nutrition and Health.

Cancer Care

I work with clients who are currently, or have been through, cancer treatment.  Reflexology is increasingly recognised as having valuable benefits both in terms of reducing unpleasant side effects of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, but also in supporting the emotional balance and restoring a sense of equilibrium again. My techniques are adapted and tailored to the individual, with an emphasis on providing a restful & positive treatment incorporating a range of subtle reflexology techniques.  There is so much to be said, for a lovely, non-invasive reflexology session at a time when clients are having a lot of medical intervention.  Similarly, post cancer treatment, when the dust settles and clients can feel overwhelmed as they are left to emotionally digest the challenges of what they have just been through, or indeed during palliative care, when time to themselves and the warm human touch can bring a wonderful sense of respite and peace.  I am always happy to chat prior to a session to discuss your particular needs.

What happens during a session?

After a short consultation and medical history, you only need remove your shoes & socks and enjoy the session on the treatment couch; I will use my hands to apply specific massage and pressure techniques to the feet whilst you relax.  Reflexology is unique to each client, some clients like to chat quietly, others fall asleep!

What do I wear?

Please come dressed comfortably so that you can fully relax, wearing loose bottomed trousers is advisable.

How long do sessions last, and how many might I need?

The initial consultation may last up to 1 hour 15 minutes depending on the individual circumstances, as we chat through your medical history and I familiarize myself with an overview of your current general health.  Thereafter the sessions last around an hour which includes a 45 minute treatment.  A course of treatments may be recommended depending upon the individual’s health, requirements and their body’s needs. For a specific health concern, a block of six weekly sessions is recommended which can often offer a more effective start to your health recovery. Reflexology has a cumulative effect and after an initial block of treatments many clients go on to enjoy monthly “top ups” to maintain balanced health.

How much does a session cost?

Weekday sessions up to 4pm – £35.

Saturday sessions – £40.

Gift Vouchers or e-vouchers

Need some gift inspiration?  Reflexology treatments make a unique and special gift idea and encouraging others to take time out for themselves is a truly thoughtful gift.  I can email you an e-voucher to forward to your chosen recipient, or you can collect a voucher in person.  Vouchers can be purchased for single treatments or for a course of treatments depending on your preference and budget.  Please contact me for further information.


Clients should be aware that my treatment room is situated up a flight of stairs. There is parking directly outside the front door.


Should you need to cancel your appointment please give me 24 (working) hours notice or cancellation fees will apply.   Thank you for your understanding.

Privacy Policy

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