The connection between the adrenals and hormones

This article highlights why specific hormone balancing techniques are so important in a reflexology session.  The link between the adrenal glands and the menopause is well written about in this article.  I’ve written about adrenal fatigue before, and this informative explanation details exactly why so many women have such acute problems once they reach the peri-menopause, or menopause itself.

“Menopause is a natural progression of ovarian hormone decline, a process that should occur without symptoms and without event. Menopause is not an ovarian hormone problem, not at its core; menopause is an adrenal hormone problem.

And why do some women have no symptoms of menopause at all? The answer is all connected to the balance of your ovarian hormones. That balance is controlled by the health of your adrenal glands and your stress response. Menopause is an adrenal hormone problem, not merely an ovarian hormone issue.

….did you know that your adrenal gland produces every ovarian hormone that you have? Yep, progesterone, testosterone and estrogen is made by your adrenal glands as well as your ovaries.”

Click here to read the whole article by Dr Andrew Neville, it’s fascinating.