About Me


Cat Jones MAR

I have a background encompassing extensive experience with chronic illness which has shaped my career towards helping others. My vocation started in my childhood when I became unwell at the age of eight. My health continued to decline and I became bed bound for many years.  Eventually a diagnosis of M.E./Chronic Fatigue Syndrome was given and allergy treatment at a London clinic brought some improvement.  As I entered my twenties, I went on to live a normal life as possible within the confines of this condition. Ultimately I developed other valuable and insightful life skills which shaped my future and so I felt drawn to the world of complementary therapies. I went on to train in Touch For Health (a form of Kinesiology), Reiki, and Indian Head Massage. I married and had three children, finally making a full recovery from the M.E. in my late thirties thanks to the Lightning Process, a course designed to re-train the neural pathways which connect the mind and body. A couple of years later I gravitated towards developing a career for myself; my fairy-godmother (a reflexologist herself) prompted me to consider training as a reflexologist. The idea took hold and wouldn’t let me go. And from that point I simply never looked back.


 “The best way of finding yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others
Mahatma Ghandi